STipe Therapeutics, an early stage Biotech company spun out from University of Aarhus, focus on harnessing the immune system to battle cancer. The company has developed first in class drugs targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions of the STING Pathway; a major drivers of innate immunity, and regulator of tumorigenesis and autoimmune disorders. The company has identified and validated compounds that modulates the tumor microenvironment, ensuring secretion of type I IFN and T-cell recruitment cytokines.

Currently, the immuno-oncology field major goal is to turn cold tumors into hot, supporting the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors. In this regard, STipe Therapeutics can preactivate the innate immune system to rapidly detect even small amount of tumor-DNA and induces a synergistic immune response making cold tumors into hot tumors. With a solid safety profile that prohibit systemic immune activation, STipe Therapeutics will in combination with other IO drugs be able to elevate efficacy of current cancer treatments.


Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen - Associate Professor, PhD in Medicine
Martin Jakobsen
Associate Professor, PhD
Martin Jakobsen has a PhD in Medicine from Aarhus University, where he also holds a position as Associate Professor. Martin has an extensive carrier in virology and later innate immunology, focusing on how accumulation of DNA, either self or foreign, triggers Interferon and inflammation pathways. He has published more than 50 high-raking papers including first author in PNAS and last author in Nature Communication. He is the former recipient of the Danish Independent Research council Talent prize, and recently received the prestigious Lundbeck Group Leader Fellowship. STipe Therapeutics was founded on scientific discoveries obtained in his laboratory at Aarhus University.
Claus Olesen - PhD in Medicine
Claus Olesen
PhD in Medicine
Claus Olesen has a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from Aarhus University. His academic work focus on structural biology and function of membrane proteins and he has several publications including two first author papers in Science and Nature. Claus has been involved in several drug development projects in both academic and industrial settings. He was co-founder of Pcovery ApS, and is today CBO of NMD pharma and CEO of Initiator Pharma. Also, Claus serves as Business Developer at Aarhus University. He is former professional sailor and he competed in Americas Cup for Sweden in 2003 and represented Denmark at two Olympics.


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